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The Book

Welcome to the world of Am I Crazy – How BS can change our lives! I'm often asked, why do you share stories with others that reference scripture? The answer is very simple.


I am thankful for the blessings God has provided me throughout my life. There have been times in which I felt more of a taker than a giver. Why? When things don't go my way, or I don't get the results I want, or I feel others around me are happier, healthier, more content, or just plain luckier than me, I often become disillusioned. 

I could choose to focus on things that bring me down or to confirm my personal despair in those moments. But what does that get me or anyone else? Certainly not the happiness that I desire. 


Instead, I choose to share personal stories of hope, inspiration, and motivation for others to potentially take action and focus on the goodness available to all of us. The goodness that I refer to is by faith in God through His son, Jesus Christ. 

I have found that in my moments of deepest despair, focusing on goodness towards others is the greatest gift I have to offer, and it works for me - every time! Life will throw each of us curve balls to navigate in life, but how we manage them speaks volumes about our character. 

I encourage you to become a giver and share with those in your orbit the gift of hope, inspiration, and maybe even motivation towards a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, or a renewed commitment to Him by simply serving others. 


The stories in Am I Crazy? are intended to offer you reflections in which to contemplate how the constant BS that each of us are subjected to can have a profound impact in our everyday lives and upon the legacy we each leave behind. Afterall, BS isn’t always a bad thing! 


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