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Meet Trace

Author, thought-leader, and motivational speaker

Trace Banner brings a refreshingly simple and straightforward approach to inspire individuals to take charge of their everyday lives.


Trace promotes genuine internal transformation at the innermost level to help produce results that can alter the trajectory of our lives for good and even the lives of those around us. He draws from his many years of behavioral observation of individuals from all walks of life, including his own deep self-reflections.


Trace has been a corporate leader, board chairman of several international entities, chief executive officer, president, and yes, even head janitor at several start-up businesses. In his background as a scientist, he has developed and patented numerous technologies for use in military applications and founded one of the world’s largest privately-held medical device sterilization services firm.


After leaving the corporate world in 2005, Trace began to share his life experiences with eager audiences seeking to mimic his success. His motto of “never chase success, let it follow you” has inspired countless others to pursue their passions with purpose and to create meaningful significance in their own lives.


Trace’s beliefs have grounded him, his values have guided him, and his authenticity has served him and others well. His belief in the goodness available to all who seek it has been a source of continual inspiration that has shaped his extraordinary life. But he’s not finished yet. His life’s purpose is to inspire, encourage and motivate others to free themselves from heavy self-doubt and to finally experience the freedom that is always available to them. After all, to be free is to be… limitless! 

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If you wait for perfect conditions, you'll never get anything done.

Trace Banner


“Success only comes to those who actually take action.”

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